Baddie of the Month - @Justine_jorelle12

Alright you reckless souls, we’re back with another Burnouts & Baddies post! This week, we’ve decided to feature one particular model whose beauty speaks for itself. Not only is this chick stunning, she’s actually fucking rad! 
Introducing, Justine (@justine_jorelle12)
Ok, obviously she’s hot AF but there’s more to her. We’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Justine on multiple occasions and believe us when we say, this girl is fucking wild! Enough from us, we'll let her do the talking.

"My name is Justine. People close to me may claim I’m a little on the wild side. You could say I’m a rebel by nature, and sometimes without a cause.  A misfit also occasionally suits me, but not in the ways you may think. I am a wild woman, yes, but I’m not a malicious renegade. My rebellion comes from my pure desire for freedom. Freedom from patriarchal norms and societal prisons. I don’t believe the human soul was designed for our world's current way of living. That’s why we are always seeking escape from the daily grind. For me, that escape is reflected in my traveling, hiking, camping, motorcycles, snowboarding, jiujitsu, yoga, the gym…pretty much anything that sparks a rush of life back to my soul. My biggest fear is a mundane existence without purpose. I crave life to my core, maybe even to a fault. 

I’m always chasing the thrill, which sometimes lands me in trouble lol. But over the past couple of years my spiritual side brings me back to my center. Connecting to my divine feminine energy, my yin, my helps to still my mind and bring peace to my heart.  It balances my being from the chaos of this world. I am always learning, always growing, and even when it’s messy, always loving life. 

I started working with Jasper Keys because the brand represents being the deeply authentic badass you truly are. EVERY SINGLE ONE of us is a total badass in our own unique way. 

Live authentic. Follow your soul, whatever that means for you…

It’s rebellion and freedom in its purest form. True anarchy is to step into your individual light and power DESPITE what people say and without influence. 

That’s how I try to live my life anyway…

So Exist loudly my loves, 

and live wildly. "


Justine Jorelle

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